World Cup 2018: Winners and losers

The World Cup is here and there are winners and losers.

There are those who are so pleased to be home after a hard-fought campaign that they’re not sure what to expect.

There’s the England squad that finished sixth last season and are now looking ahead to a world title, or the Portugal squad that has made the semi-finals but has not yet reached the final.

There were also those who were disappointed that they didn’t get to play their best football and that it took them three years to reach the final, after a season of great progress.

Here are the winners and the losers of the 2018 World Cup: Who won?

The players who won The winners: England’s Gareth Bale and his team-mates have had an extraordinary season.

The Tottenham Hotspur forward was England’s all-time leading scorer and had a superb debut campaign for the national team, scoring 11 goals in their win over Australia in November.

The England captain has also been a massive influence on the team, making appearances and showing off his talents in various roles.

His leadership qualities and skill on the ball helped England qualify for the 2019 World Cup.

The Netherlands’ Robin van Persie is England’s most important player and helped the Netherlands reach the semi final.

He also has the potential to break the Premier League record for goals in a World Cup by scoring 100 goals for the first time.

England’s Wayne Rooney has been England’s top scorer in 2018 with eight goals in the Premier Football League and was the top scorer for England at the World Cup, with 11 goals.

The Manchester United striker is one of the best strikers in the world, scoring 12 goals in four games in Brazil.

He has played every minute of every World Cup and has been an important part of England’s success.

His future remains uncertain, but his performances at the tournament have helped England reach the quarter-finals of the tournament.

The players that lost: Argentina’s Lionel Messi and his Barcelona team-mate Luis Suarez are both out of the World Cups, while Brazil’s Neymar has been out of football for a month with a broken leg.

Uruguay’s Neymara and Argentina’s Neymanca are both suspended indefinitely for doping charges, while Spain’s Xabi Alonso is out of action with a fractured leg and is not expected to return until March.

The Uruguay team-up of Fernando Torres and Diego Forlan was one of two sides that didn’t qualify.

Brazil’s Andres Iniesta and Argentina will face each other in the quarterfinals and are unlikely to meet in the final as both are suspended for doping allegations.

Colombia’s Neymas and Argentina midfielder Andres Guardado will face one another in the semi finals and will not be able to face either of the top two finishers, Neymar or Iniesta.

The USA’s Clint Dempsey is out for a few months with a shoulder injury.

He will miss the tournament but is set to return at the end of March.

Russia’s Nemanja Nikolic has been the top goal scorer for the team in 2018, with 12 goals.

He had a breakout season in the tournament, scoring 22 goals and leading the team to the semi and final.

The Serbia and Slovakia duo of Ola Kotekovic and Jovan Svetozar have had a brilliant season, scoring 10 goals and adding five assists in the group stage.

They also have a host of other players on the verge of being World Cup regulars, including the Argentina midfielder Luis Suarez and England’s Antonio Valencia.

The Czech Republic’s Lukas Podolski is the leading scorer for Slovakia in 2018.

The 23-year-old is the top scorersman for his country in 2018 and has the ability to play anywhere in the team.

He is also the most experienced player in the squad and will be looking to impress the World Champions.

Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo is one the most influential players on both sides of the ball in the World Tournament, scoring 16 goals and scoring 12 assists in qualifying.

He was the team’s most influential player in Brazil and his impact was felt on both teams’ displays.

He helped the Portugal team win the semi, the tournament and a place in the finals.

Brazil are set to face Argentina, England, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands in the round of 16.

The quarterfinals are set for March 15 and the semi is scheduled for March 18.

What do you make of the results so far?

Who has been in the best form?

Who was in the worst form?

Here are some of the players who have performed the best so far: Gareth Bale: Bale has been one of England the most consistent players at the top level of the game, with seven goals in nine appearances for England.

His performances have been impressive, and he’s helped his side to the quarter finals.

He’s been one the best performers in England’s World Cup campaign, scoring 20 goals and helping England reach this year’s finals

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