Why ‘The Wire’ is not a TV show


— The latest issue of the American literary magazine The Wire is out and it contains a surprising conclusion: The internet isn’t a show.

The magazine’s editor, Daniel Wigdor, wrote in an essay for the magazine’s website that he thought “it was a great time to announce that The Wire was not a television series.”

“It’s hard to tell whether or not this is true, and whether or a show is even possible, in the digital age,” Wigson wrote.

Wigdor said The Wire’s writers and directors — including executive producer Jon Feltheimer — are “deeply committed to making sure that this show is as rich and engaging as possible.”

But the writer said he hopes that “this shows a more nuanced view of the internet and its potential.”

He also said that The Wheel of Time series is still very much in the making, and said that “a lot of our staff, including myself, have been working on it for some time.”

The Wire is set in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area in the mid-20th century.

It tells the story of three brothers, Ed, who works as a cop, Cole, who is a computer programmer and Frank, a lawyer.

It’s set in a fictional town called The Wire.

Wigson said the show has been in development for several years, but that it was only recently that the writers began to discuss it as a possibility.WIGDOR: It’s not like, well, the internet is a show, so, you know, it’s an idea that has been floating around for a long time.

I think that it’s a possibility, but it’s really something that’s never been explored, Wigdors’ essay said.

It’s unclear whether The Wire will be on the air or not.

The show’s writers have said that they hope to eventually create a show on the internet.

But Wigdo said that this is a topic that has “never been explored” in the media.

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