Why do people buy TLC movies?

ESPN.com/tlcmagazine: “TLC has created a buzz that’s never been seen before, and they’re bringing it to the masses with their latest installment, the hilarious, entertaining and totally hilarious ‘Family TLC.'” 

A new episode will air on October 6th, featuring a special, behind-the-scenes look at the making of the hit show. 

Watch below:The series is the brainchild of TLC president Mike Tirico and writer/director/producer/executive producer Kelly Friesen. 

“It’s the first TLC movie we’ve ever done and we’re thrilled that we’re getting to share it with the world,” Tirico told The Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s our first feature length film and we are super proud of the film, and the incredible people who have made it.”

Tirico, who also created and executive produced ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,’ has written and directed a number of TV shows including ‘The Young & The Restless,’ ‘The Good Wife,’ and ‘The Walking Dead.’ 

Friesen, who is best known for her work on ‘The Office,’ also co-created the hit comedy ‘Family Guy’ and worked on HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley.’ 

“I am so honored and honored to be part of a team who has created and produced the highest-rated series on TLC and is looking forward to getting this movie out to audiences and watching it,” Frieseden told THR.

“Toluca is a family of three and they have always been a team, so this will be a new and fun experience for us.” 

The first episode, titled “Catch A Move,” focuses on the creation of the show and its impact on the TLC family. 

In the episode, the family goes from having a house party to having their entire family be in on it. 

The show’s second episode, “The Family TLC Show,” will be released on October 9th. 

It will air exclusively on TELUS VUDU channel, and will also be available on Hulu and Amazon Prime. 

TLC’s newest series, “Family TL” will also debut on TECHL cable, and on TEMPLE TV. 

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