Which Pakistanis have the best internet coverage?

The internet is a big deal in Pakistan, and many are happy to talk about it.

But some Pakistani users feel they are being censored, and that the country is becoming a surveillance state.

The government says it is trying to fight the spread of cyberattacks by cybercriminals and other online criminals, but many Pakistanis say that is not true. 

According to the National Cybersecurity Centre, in March 2016, almost 6 million people had access to the internet in Pakistan.

In January this year, a study showed that the total number of internet users had more than doubled to nearly 10 million people. 

The internet has always been an issue in Pakistan as well.

In 2002, the country was a haven for hackers.

Since then, Pakistan has been battling cyber attacks from all over the world.

It is not just hackers from the US and Europe who have been attacking Pakistan, though. 

Pakistan’s cyber security strategy was designed in part to address the cyberthreats posed by foreign governments, and the country’s military and intelligence services were given extra powers to tackle the problem.

In February, President Asif Ali Zardari announced a major upgrade to Pakistan’s cyber defenses.

He said the cyber defense strategy will “increase the capabilities of the National Security Council and other intelligence agencies and increase their ability to combat cyber threats and protect the nation from cyber attacks.” 

Zardari also announced that his government would increase the cyber defenses of all ministries and agencies of the country. 

Zorawar Khan, a senior researcher at the Center for Cyber and Information Security at the University of Maryland, told Al Jazeera that Pakistan’s internet is already among the most vulnerable in the world, as it is a country with a small population and limited technology skills. 

“The internet is so vulnerable that most people have very little experience in using it,” he said.

“People who have access to it will go to it to do things like read or listen to music or download movies.”

Khan also said that Pakistan is a closed country that does not allow the use of the internet for peaceful purposes. 

Khan said the internet needs to be made accessible to people who want to use it for anything other than accessing a website, but it is not as easy as that.

“There are a lot of restrictions and restrictions that people in Pakistan have to live under,” he told Al-Jazeera. 

He added that many people are not aware of the fact that they have to register their email addresses, their passwords and their mobile numbers in order to access the internet. 

There is no free internet in India and Pakistan do not have any free internet at all.

In Pakistan, the internet is free and there are several internet providers, and it is only those who pay for internet access that can get online. 

But Khan said the Pakistani government does not seem to have any plans to make the internet free in Pakistan at all, as the government has never been open to open source software or to the development of free software.

“In Pakistan, if you look at the government website, it says that there is no software and no free software, so what is the point of developing it if you do not even have the freedom to use software?” he said, adding that many users feel that the government is not taking advantage of the free internet, as many people have to pay for the privilege of using the internet, but the government does nothing to protect them. 

Bazaz Ahmad, a Pakistani blogger who blogs at The Daily Bazaar, said that the lack of access to free software and open source is not the only issue with Pakistan’s free internet.

He also said the lack in internet penetration in Pakistan means that Pakistan will be unable to solve many problems, including terrorism, cybercrime and corruption.

“The people in this country have very poor internet connectivity.

There are a number of issues like poverty, lack of education, lack to use the internet and so on,” he added.

“When the government talks about providing internet access, the poor people of this country, especially those living in rural areas, do not get it.”

“I can tell you that Pakistan has a huge amount of poverty, but we have a very strong government,” he concluded. 

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