Which one of these tech companies are you?

It is the year 2020 and we are living in a post-cyber-war era.

The world’s most powerful companies are rapidly adapting to the new technologies that are sweeping through our lives, and these companies are quickly becoming global enterprises.

The companies you see on the street are only the tip of the iceberg.

The technology and content industries are growing exponentially, and it is only a matter of time before this trend extends to other industries, too.

Here are five of the most promising new industries that are about to be disrupted by new technology.1.



Financial services4.



Entertainment and recreation7.

Home improvement8.




Finance and insurance12.


Retail, retail and consumer electronics14.


Consumer electronics, mobile phones and tablets16.


Digital media18.


Health care20.

Technology and manufacturing21.

Digital content22.

Media and entertainment23.

Health insurance24.

Consumer financial services25.

Entertainment, travel and entertainment26.


Energy and natural resources28.

Healthcare products and services29.


Consumer finance, insurance and consumer technology31.

Retail and consumer products32.

Home care products and service33.

Health technology34.

Digital health products and solutions35.

Health services and devices36.

Financial products and products37.

Personal finance38.

Technology, insurance, healthcare, financial services, retail products, travel, transportation, technology and apparel39.

Food and beverage40.

Fashion, accessories, and accessories.


Travel and tourism42.

Automobile insurance43.

Home health and personal care44.

Personal and professional services45.

Travel entertainment46.


Education, education technology, health technology and related fields.48.

Consumer retail and related industries49.

Business services, consumer products and related services, finance, technology, financial planning, insurance.50.

Consumer and commercial services51.

Financial and financial services52.

Insurance, insurance brokers and brokers, financial advisers, investment advisers, real estate investment trusts, and related financial services.53.

Healthcare and related healthcare and related related health care services54.

Retail sales and related sales55.

Entertainment sales and entertainment56.

Retail merchandising, retail merchandise and related merchandizing57.

Retail marketing, merchandisers, retail merchandises, merchorizing, retail marketing, retail sales and advertising, retail services, advertising, and other retail and advertising businesses.58.

Professional and technical services59.

Automated financial and financial reporting, financial reporting and other services60.

Retail services61.

Information technology62.

Financial advisory and advisory services63.

Health maintenance and health insurance64.

Insurance and related health insurance65.

Insurance broker services66.

Real estate investment trust and related investment adviser services67.

Financial advice and investment management service68.

Retail insurance sales69.

Financial management and insurance service70.

Financial planning and insurance management service71.

Financial accounting and financial auditing service72.

Information systems services73.

Information security services74.

Investment advisory and investment advisory services75.

Medical and related medical services76.

Insurance services77.

Consumer lending and lending and related finance and insurance related services78.

Consumer credit and loan services79.

Home insurance and related home insurance services80.

Medical services81.

Consumer products and retail stores82.

Retail stores83.

Home furnishings and accessories84.

Home appliances85.

Personal care and personal services86.

Personal services and services87.

Fitness and physical activity products88.

Entertainment products89.

Consumer food and beverage90.

Retail food and beverages91.

Consumer clothing and related apparel and accessories92.

Retail jewelry and related jewelry products93.

Retail home furnishings, furniture, home accessories, accessories and accessories94.

Retail fashion and apparel products95.

Home decor and home decor accessories96.

Consumer goods and related accessories97.

Food, beverage, and hospitality98.

Consumer services99.

Consumer technology and information technology

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