When your ISP has your internet cafe URL (i.e. where you can see the name of the website)

I don’t know if the above article is actually the source of this news, but I found it on Twitter.

The article is titled “When your ISP and your ISP provider are alike”.

The gist of the article is that the provider in question has a list of websites which are the source for your internet address, and you are supposed to look up those websites in the same way.

If your ISP provides the list of domains for which you can find a website, you can simply look for the name “www.example.com” and click the link.

I’m not really sure if this article is true, but it certainly seems to have been written by someone who is knowledgeable in the industry.

It’s a bit surprising that an article like this would be shared on a site like Twitter, but there is something about this article that makes me think it is legit.

While this article may not be directly related to the ongoing battle over net neutrality, it does raise the question of how ISPs are able to tell who is a legitimate website, or who is just using your ISP for nefarious purposes.

In short, I believe that the above example was written by a disgruntled ISP customer, and it is one of the many instances where ISPs use this tactic to try and identify users who are not legitimate.

Let’s be clear: we’re talking about the use of this type of behavior in the name for a legitimate business, not the ISPs doing this in order to identify users.

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