When can you go online and play Minecraft for free?

article How can you get a free copy of Minecraft?

Thats the question on many people’s minds after it was revealed that the highly-anticipated title will be coming to Windows 10, Linux and Mac, but not for free.

The game, which is a popular modding tool, is set to be free to download on all platforms, meaning it will only be available for the download of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

However, Microsoft has confirmed that its release of Minecraft on Windows 10 will not be free of charge.

Microsoft said that the free version of Minecraft will be “locked down” on Windows as part of the Anniversary Update, which will see the game updated to a fully-fledged game, Microsoft said.

This means that if you have already purchased Minecraft, you can’t play the game on your Windows 10 device without purchasing the Anniversary update.

The free Minecraft version will not launch until October 15, and will be available to download for Windows 10 and the Xbox One.

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