What the internet is really about for Genealogy magazine

Internet Genealogy Magazine, Inc. (IGM) is proud to announce the launch of a new web site, internet genealogies, that will provide the broadest possible range of genealogical resources to help you better understand your ancestry and the connections you may have to your ancestors.

In addition to offering a comprehensive selection of online genealogy resources, internet Genealogy will also provide online access to an extensive collection of archival material.

This archive will be used for archival purposes, but will also be made available to researchers, genealogists, historians, and anyone who wants to dig deep and make connections.

The internet genealysts website will provide a variety of features including:A list of the major online genealogy websites that offer online geneology and related services.

A list (including all the links) of the websites that support the Genealogy Channel’s online gene database.

A searchable directory of all the genealogy resources available to the general public.

A link to our new website that includes all the information on our site plus links to other Genealogy sites, including Ancestry.com and the Genealogical Archives of the United States.

The web site will also include a downloadable pdf that can be used to view online gene databases.

This document will be updated frequently, and it will be a valuable resource for genealogist and genealogetic research.

We want to hear from you.

Please send us your thoughts about the new website and if you find it useful.

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