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By Mike Stobe / Getty ImagesVice Sports Magazine has partnered with Google to publish a digital magazine, with the aim of making the Internet more accessible to people of all ages and interests.

The magazine, which launched on Thursday, aims to “create a space for VICE Sports fans around the world to discover and experience the brand new VICE Sports content,” Vice president of content David Fincher said in a statement.

“For over a decade, VICE Sports has been the platform for people from all walks of life, to share their passions and experiences with the world,” he continued.

“The Internet has enabled this to happen, and we are excited to bring VICE Sports’ audience a truly unique experience.”

A selection of video highlights from the magazine include a look at the best and worst places to eat in Japan and a look back at the 2017 NBA Finals.

The video for “The One-Year Anniversary” features a look behind the scenes at the NBA Finals between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, including the Cavaliers winning the championship.

The piece also features “The Best and Worst Places to Be a Man,” a look into the “most popular man” in the world, which was named the 2016 Person of the Year by Men’s Health magazine.

The title of the video, “The Only Way to Be Beautiful,” was inspired by the title of a song by Bruno Mars, who was named an MTV Music Video Star in 2017.

In the video for the cover of “Budapest: The World’s Next City,” VICE Sports writer and video editor Andrew Cunningham talks about the city’s “cultural capital.”

In a statement, Vice CEO of editorial David Faccora said the magazine is “dedicated to telling the stories of our audience and helping them connect with our brand and its creators.”

“Our mission is to give them the best of VICE Sports, the news that matters, and to bring their stories to life through a curated, engaging, and fun brand,” Faccoro added.

“We’re excited to make the VICE Sports online magazine available to all.”

The launch of the magazine comes at a time when the online gaming world is facing pressure from users who have grown weary of playing games on a device that costs as much as a desktop computer.

The move to a mobile platform will also give users the option of using a mobile device as a way to browse the VICE site without needing to download the app, which is available for Android and iOS devices.

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