The first online tattoo was a cybernetic brain scan

A man is trying to put a cybernetically enhanced tattoo on his arm.

The tattoo is of a cyber-themed cartoon character and was inspired by the popular movie and comic series “The Matrix” and the animated TV show “Adventure Time.”

The artist behind the tattoo, Nathan R. Wilson, says he’s also hoping to create a “tattoo of my favorite cartoon character.”

“It’s a very unique design, and a really cool way to look at the world and to represent myself as a cartoonist,” Wilson told CNN affiliate WKRC in Cincinnati, Ohio.

He says the idea for the tattoo came to him in 2013.

“I just started drawing the characters and I thought that it would be kind of cool to be able to have a digital tattoo,” Wilson said.

Wilson started the online tattoo shop “Tattoo” and has been making his artwork available for sale since.

He says he makes about a dozen designs a year, but they all end up being sold.

“The tattoo of ‘The Matrix’ is the most popular tattoo, but the most challenging one for me,” Wilson explained.

“It takes a lot of effort to do it.

It takes a long time, and then I have to put in the time to do the tattoos, so it’s definitely a lot more work.”

Wilson says he started tattooing the “The Real” cartoon character because it was popular in the ’90s.

“One of the main characters was named The Real, and it was actually a little bit of a rip-off of a real life character,” Wilson recalled.

The comic book series is about a man who finds himself trapped in a futuristic cybernetic world where his robotic body can’t control him.

The story was adapted for the small screen in 2003 and is now in its 50th season.

Wilson says the inspiration for the design came from watching the TV show, “Adventure time.”

“I watched the show and saw that they were trying to take the cartoon characters, and the animation, and create a new kind of cartoon world,” he said.

“But they were also trying to do a cyberpunk type of story, and I think that’s what I wanted to do.”

Wilson also said he wanted to create an online tattoo because he wanted the tattoo to be personalized.

“A lot of people think it’s a gimmick, but it’s not,” he explained.

“It’s very personal and personal and very specific and very personal.

The thing that makes it special is it’s very much an online thing.

It’s an online design, so that’s where it came from.”

Wilson told WKCR that he is still learning the process of making his designs and has plans to expand his business.

“In the future I’d like to be more of a full-time artist, but I also want to continue making a lot bigger and better things,” Wilson added.

“I just want to keep making great stuff and have some fun.”

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