The first of four books published in Ireland: ‘The first of the four’

Two new books from Ireland’s literary community have been published online in an attempt to promote the country’s nascent literary scene.

The first two, published in February and April, deal with the past, present and future of Irish literature, focusing on writers who have lived and worked abroad.

They are entitled ‘The First of the Four’ and ‘The Second of the 4’ by Irish novelist Aiden MacKean.

The titles, which were originally due to be published in June, were not published online until August, and were only published in Irish newspapers and online.

Dublin-based MacKeans publisher, Groupe Lea, has been publishing the books since 2013.

“Aiden MacKayans books are timeless and are the first of their kind in Ireland, and he has made them available online so people can get to know Irish writers and find out more about the history of the country,” said Lea.

The books are written from the perspective of a contemporary writer living and working abroad.

“He has written about Irish literature from a global perspective, with an Irish perspective, and also a global approach,” Lea said.

The other two books are by Irish writer and historian David McDonough, published by University Press of Ireland, who has written two books on the Irish literary scene, and one on Irish cinema.

Irish writer and film-maker Michael O’Brien, who was born in Northern Ireland, has written the book The First of Four.

“Michael O’Brien’s first book, The First Of Four, is a work of fiction about the Irish literature of the 20th century, a period in Irish history when the Irish language became a worldwide success and a cultural icon,” said MacKeann.

“It is a book that explores Ireland in the 20 th century, but also in the future.”

The book is set in a time when Irish culture and language has grown and changed and is now a global phenomenon.

“Both books were published in English and are available on Amazon.

Online publication of MacKayan’s books has been a key part of the Irish publishing scene for years, and the first two books were released in the United States and in the UK.

MacKayan, who is a veteran of the United Nations and the European Union, said he had hoped his books would be read and appreciated by a wider audience.”

I am proud to say that I was able to publish my first two works in English, but this was an ambitious and ambitious goal and I’m so grateful to all the readers and readers of Irish culture who supported this project,” he said.”

To have the public support for my work is a tremendous credit to my fellow writers and to the readers of my books.

“We have a long way to go, but we are making great strides.”

In addition to publishing his two books in English in Ireland and the UK, MacKayán has also published his first novel in English.

He said the success of the books in their respective markets meant the books would not only be read by Irish readers, but would also be read internationally.

“We have to continue to grow, we have to grow the industry, we can’t afford to stop, and we can only do it if we do it well,” he added.

“The best way to grow and create and create is to be innovative and to push the boundaries of what you can write.”

So, I want people to have a book, and then to read it, and they can then go on to read the next, which will be a book they are going to read forever.

“The books will be available online at from June 11.

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