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A weekly publication of Telugu Internet magazines, Telugu online magazines, has been established.

The weekly newspaper Telugu Web has been set up under the name Telugu Net Magazine.

It aims to provide an easy access to Telugu media and to the Telugu people, who have been the victims of various acts of vandalism, vandalism and destruction, said the publisher, Dr. Shubhendu.

The magazine is headed by Dr. Darshan Kumar, a senior lecturer in Communication, Arts and Social Sciences at the University of the West Indies, and was launched last month.

The aim of the magazine is to provide information about Telugu literature and to educate the public about Telangana.

“The magazine has been launched under the umbrella of Telangan Net Magazine, which aims to educate and inform the public in a friendly and friendly manner,” said the magazine’s editor, Dr Shubindu.

Dr. Shugendu, who is also a member of the Telangani Arts Council, said he was happy to see the publication of the first Telugu-language magazine of Telesur.

“It’s a big step in the right direction and we are looking forward to the next step.

I feel it is an important step in bringing out the diversity of Telugas literature and literature in the Telu country,” he said.

Telugu Web is a weekly magazine that publishes in Telugu, Malayalam and English.

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