Russia says it will not let U.S. military use its air space

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Sunday that he would not allow the United States to use its airspace to carry out attacks against Russian targets in Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Putin’s comments came as the Trump administration said on Monday it had “strongly” decided to end a program of sharing intelligence with Moscow.

The Trump administration had been pushing for the pact, known as the “Strategic Dialogue,” that would have been signed last year but was abruptly canceled after the White House decided to withdraw it as a result of Trump’s election victory.

Putin said the U.s. had taken a “dangerous step” in its decision to pull out of the pact.

“It is not just our intention that we should work together with our partners, but it is also our responsibility that we will not use the airspace of other countries, that we respect the territorial integrity of other nations,” Putin said.

“This is our responsibility.”

Putin did not elaborate on the possible consequences for U.A.E. or NATO allies, which could include the withdrawal of Russian forces from the alliance’s eastern flank.

“Our intention is to develop the strategic partnership with the United Kingdom, the United states, Germany and others.

We will work on this.

I hope that the new leadership will be able to find a new and more constructive course,” he said.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Sunday condemned Trump’s withdrawal of the Strategic Dialogue and called for the U

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