Pakistan: Online magazine paksistan: Pakistans new internet magazine is coming to a web store soon

PAKISTAN — Pakistani online magazine Pakistan has announced plans to publish a new online magazine called Internet Magazine Pakistan (IMPP) within a month.

The magazine, which was previously published on the internet-based magazine portal Pakistain , will launch in November, according to IMPP founder Muhammad Akram, who announced the news on his blog.

Akram added that the magazine will be available for free on the web.

Pakistani Online Magazine Pakistannan (IPM) is expected to publish the magazine on the portal portal portal, a portal that currently has over 1,500 publications across Pakistan.

“We are working with publishers to publish this magazine.

It is a major step for us to get the magazine published,” Akram said.

“The portal portal has more than 1,000 publications and there are a lot of different media and websites that support it.”

IMPPs founder Muhammad Ali Akram.

Pakistani online magazines and news outlets are typically run by publishers who are members of the Pakistani media elite.

But Akram believes that this is the first time that an online magazine will come to the portal.

IMP’s main target is the younger generation, which is struggling with the digital age.

“A lot of young people are struggling with online and the lack of access to digital content and the ease with which it is available on the Internet,” Akam said.

The portal is also home to many Pakistani newspapers, TV stations and news channels, including the daily Al Jazeera English.

Akam also hopes that the portal will provide a platform for the mainstream Pakistani media to publish their own content.

“I want the portal to provide an alternative to the traditional media,” Akama said.

The portal will be free to access.

Akram hopes that IMP will help the Pakistani press reach a wider audience.

“My hope is that I will be able to reach a broader audience than the average person, which means reaching a wider variety of audiences,” Akrama said.

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