Moldova says its internet network is ready to handle the new challenge

Moldova has said it has the right infrastructure to handle a surge in demand for its internet service and is preparing to start its own internet network.

A spokesman for the country’s Communication Minister, Vladytsia Laksniuk, said Moldova will soon deploy internet service that can handle up to 400 gigabits per second (GBps) of data, up from 30 Gbps.

Laksniak said Moldovans can access the internet at home, at a coffee shop, at the office or at a supermarket, and the government will also distribute free internet access to all citizens.

Moldova’s telecommunications regulator said Monday it would allocate a $1.7 billion budget for its new national broadband network, the first step toward building a nationwide network of fiber-optic cable and wireless networks.

The announcement came after the government last week approved an additional $1 billion in government loans to help the country with infrastructure projects.

It said the budget would cover construction of broadband networks, broadband lines and high-speed Internet services, as well as new technology to improve the countrys digital infrastructure.

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