India, China agree on the best way to handle the cyber attacks

The cyber attacks against the financial services industry, which has led to an escalation of tensions in the region, have intensified.

The talks were held in New Delhi on Tuesday in an effort to address the cyber security issues and to develop a framework for cooperation.

At a joint news conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping, both visiting India, stressed their shared commitment to enhancing cooperation in this area.

Modi said that the cyber attack against the country’s financial sector has put a strain on the two countries’ bilateral ties, and they agreed to cooperate in the cyber domain.

Xi said that both countries should continue to maintain a close relationship and strengthen coordination and cooperation in areas related to cyber security.

They agreed to strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation in cybersecurity, he said.

China, India have also agreed to implement a series of measures to address cyber security, he added.

India, which is among the top 10 cyber-threats facing the world, has warned the US and other countries that cyber attacks could undermine economic growth and national security.

Last month, India announced the deployment of the first of its new generation of supercomputers, to help it fight cyber-attacks.

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