‘I want my name back’: A tattoo artist who says she’s ‘not a victim’

By DANIEL KLEINMAN Editor of Newsweek Daniel Kleinman talks about a tattoo artist whose online campaign to have her name removed from an online magazine sparked a national conversation about how to tackle online bullying.

In the documentary, “I Want My Name Back,” Kleinmann, who has a tattoo on her arm, talks about her decision to get the tattoo.

She says that, even as she received threats of violence, she was determined to speak out.

The tattoo artist, who goes by “Mona,” says she has received a lot of support and that she is grateful to have been able to raise awareness.

“I was not a victim.

I was just an innocent bystander.

I felt that I could not protect myself,” she said in the documentary.

Kleineman says she received death threats and received death and rape threats.

She said she feared for her life after receiving death threats, but said she did not know whether those threats were real.

She went to the police and was told she could not report it.

Kleeneman said she received several death threats after she was featured on an online edition of a tattoo magazine.

She has since had an online campaign organized to get her name back.

The online campaign, which has since expanded to more than 400 websites, has brought in more than $100,000 in donations.

“We are not going to be silenced.

We are not leaving our families or friends behind,” Kleenman said.

“When people don’t stand up for themselves, then we have to do it ourselves.

And when we do, we can’t let them control our lives.

And that is what we are doing.”

“I want to show you how we do this,” she told the audience.

“If you want to help us do it, come forward.”

On Thursday, a judge in Florida granted Kleinmen’s petition to remove her name from the magazine.

A ruling is expected on Monday.

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