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By Alexei Zhdannikov / Business Insider via Storyful,  and Kommersant via Getty Images”It is the biggest news of the year,” Komming Kazan, the chairman of Russia’s largest television channel RT, told reporters during a televised news conference.

“It’s the most important event of the entire year.

It is the most exciting.”

As the news conference progressed, reporters peppered Kazan with questions about the massive influx of Russian tourists to the European Union.

“Do you know when the visas will open?” one reporter asked.

“No,” he replied.

“But there are some visas open right now,” another asked.

Kazan, who is a native of the Soviet Union, also appeared to be underwhelmed by the news.

“The situation is so bad, that we do not know if we can stay here, or if we will be able to stay here,” he said.

“I think that, when the situation improves, we will have the opportunity to go back home.”

“You cannot be so critical of your country and its situation,” another reporter said.

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