How to buy bitcoin online in Ukraine’s capital, Lviv

LIVESAY, Ukraine — The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange operator, LBC, announced Tuesday that it has halted trading on its platform in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

LBC has already suspended trading on the platform in Belarus, Moldova, Romania and Russia.

According to LBC’s press release, the suspension of the platform is due to the Russian and Ukrainian governments continuing crackdown on the exchange’s operations.LBC said the suspension is in response to the recent actions of Russia’s government and the Russian government’s attempts to control and shut down the platform.”LBC is withdrawing from its market and will no longer provide customer support,” the company said in a statement.

“The decision was taken after consultations with the company’s legal representatives, which included an evaluation of the current situation in the country and the company plans to continue working with its legal team to continue to provide customers with the best possible service,” the statement added.

“We will continue to support our customers in Ukraine, as well as other nations around the world, as we strive to deliver the best cryptocurrency exchange service in the world.”LBC has also suspended bitcoin trading in Belarus.

In a separate statement, LBNL said it will continue its efforts to resolve the issues at the platform, adding that it is willing to cooperate with the government in any way that is necessary.

“After discussions with the Russian authorities, LNBL has decided to suspend bitcoin trading on LBC in Belarus,” the Russian-language news agency TASS quoted LBNBL chief Alexey Yurchenko as saying.

“We will keep working on this issue and look forward to resolving it as soon as possible.”LBNL and the Ukrainian government have previously been embroiled in a bitter standoff over the currency exchange platform, with the Ukrainian authorities demanding that LBC cease trading until it relocates to Crimea.LBNBL and LBC have previously announced plans to build a new exchange in Belarus to serve as a backup for their exchange platform in Kiev.

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