How do we know the internet is not controlled by the Kremlin?

By: Danika Biermann and Danika Dzialicicic – Posted: November 20, 2017 – 11:28am The media and politicians who dominate the internet have always tried to claim that the internet itself is not really controlled by a single state, but rather is an open, democratic platform for expression.

That was the message they would like you to take away from the news of a new investigation by the Czech Republic’s public prosecutor.

The prosecutor has found that Facebook, Google, and other platforms like Twitter are all in fact owned by state-sponsored entities.

According to Czech media, the investigation found that, at least in theory, the governments of Germany, Austria, and France are using the platforms to influence people’s opinions and promote their political agendas.

The investigation found this in particular with regard to Facebook.

The site was originally created to make people more comfortable on the internet, and then it was used by politicians to disseminate propaganda and incite violence against the opposition.

The case against Facebook is the latest in a string of similar investigations, many of which are related to Russian propaganda campaigns aimed at influencing public opinion.

For instance, Czech news site News Czechs published a report about the investigation, saying that the probe had uncovered evidence that Facebook has been in fact controlled by Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, all of whom are major US and European allies.

Czech journalist and researcher Babis Turek was one of the first to publish the news on November 18.

“This is definitely an example of a government using the internet to spread propaganda and misinformation,” he said.

“We’re not talking about propaganda here.

We’re talking about a propaganda campaign.”

Turells findings were echoed by his fellow Czech journalist, Petr Mluch, who also reported on the news.

Mloch also believes that the investigation is being used to justify a crackdown on Facebook and other social media platforms.

“The fact that Facebook is owned by the government is absolutely not proof of any kind of Russian involvement in this,” he told Breitbart News.

“I think that this is the real reason why the investigation was launched.

If Facebook were owned by Russia, there would be nothing to investigate.

It only shows how vulnerable they are to cyberattacks and the possibility of manipulation. “

They should take a closer look at how they manage their accounts, especially Facebook’s ‘troll-proofing’ feature, which has been shown to be a complete failure.

Mlach’s comments echo those of other Czech journalists, who are now using the new news to promote their own research into the Facebook investigation. “

If they had to be completely anonymous, the only reason they could have any reason to do so would be if they were the main actors in some conspiracy to interfere in the US presidential election, or if they are trying to influence the vote in one of their countries.”

Mlach’s comments echo those of other Czech journalists, who are now using the new news to promote their own research into the Facebook investigation.

“Facebook is controlled by German, French, and English government,” said journalist Babis.

“It is important that we know what they’re doing on the platform.

The fact that they own it is evidence of how big of a problem they are.”

Facebook is currently facing criticism in the Czech media and elsewhere for not taking the investigation seriously enough.

Czech politicians have already expressed concerns that it could be used as a tool to silence their opponents.

Mladák Jelová, the minister of information, wrote on Facebook, “It seems to me that Facebook and Twitter are more important to the Russian state than the Czech government.”

He added, “What is at stake here is the future of Czech society, which is the most important issue of our times.

Facebook is being attacked by the German and French governments, which should be ashamed of themselves for their attacks against our social media platform.

They must realize that it is their responsibility to do something about this.”

Mladík Jelaříková is a member of the Czech People’s Party, a conservative political party that has traditionally been a strong supporter of the Kremlin.

He also served as a member on the board of Facebook.

According the Czech daily Nová Vesk, Mladék Jalařáková wrote a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg saying that “this is an opportunity for Facebook to act.”

Facebook has responded by saying that Mladak Jalašákovíkov is incorrect.

“These allegations are completely false,” Facebook said in a statement to Breitbart News, and said that the allegations are “not true.”

Mlatas office did not respond to a request for comment on the new investigation.

However, according to Mladás website, he is “working with Czech authorities and is in the process of taking legal action.”

The public prosecutor in the case against social media giants, Jana Babis, did not immediately respond to Breitbart’s request for comments.

But Mladas website is full of links to articles on the case

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