Google execs tell employees they’ll be fired if they’re too liberal

Google exec John Doerr and his senior executives are reportedly calling for employees to be fired for not being too liberal, in a memo to employees.

The memo was obtained by Axios and includes excerpts from a letter written by Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai.

The company has long said it has a “diversity and inclusion policy” that requires companies to provide equal opportunities for all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

The executive order that came out on Friday states that “there are limits to the actions that can be taken as a result of bias, and this includes excluding or penalizing employees for their opinions.”

The executive actions will be implemented over the next few weeks, with Pichay’s first meeting with employees scheduled for Monday.

The executives wrote that while Google is an inclusive company, “we believe that it is necessary to acknowledge and address bias at all levels of the organization and at Google for the good of our company.”

Google said in a statement that it will provide “appropriate support and assistance” to employees, and that it has begun an investigation into the memo’s content.

“We believe that the language in the memo is deeply troubling, and we have been working closely with the Human Rights Commission to address it,” Google’s statement said.

Google said it “strongly supports” its diversity policies and said it will continue to improve its diversity efforts.

The human rights commission said it received the memo on Monday and is investigating it.

It is not clear what the investigation will reveal.

Pichá said in the letter that “we are taking steps to ensure that we have a culture that promotes equality and diversity and will be better able to identify and remove instances of bias and discrimination at Google.”

Google CEO SundAR Pichabai has long defended the company’s policies against bias, saying that “when we believe that something is wrong with a particular individual or a company, we have to take action.”

The memo is the latest sign that the Silicon Valley tech giant is reconsidering its policies against discrimination and diversity.

Pachai has repeatedly stressed that diversity at Google is important and that the company will not discriminate.

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